The Challenge
To create awareness, among various stakeholder audiences, for a newly established, federally funded, Emergency Rental Assistance Program (ERAP) in the state of Vermont to that would provide much needed financial help to tens of thousands of Vermont renters struggling to pay their rent and utilities. The Vermont State Housing Authority (VSHA) and their technology partner, ReFrame Solutions, were tasked with distributing and tracking $110 Million in CARES Act emergency rental assistance funds. This would require a comprehensive outreach and marketing campaign that would both inform their renter population about the availability of the program and simultaneously communicate the benefits and basic eligibility requirements. In addition to the renter population, VSHA needed to provide and maintain program information and application process guidance to community partners and landlords.
The Solution

We developed a program specific website that would serve as the go-to resource for all three audiences, renters, landlords and community partners. Working together with the client we developed and executed a multi-channel, multi-media, marketing campaign with easy-to-understand messaging and clear calls-to-action that would drive potential applicants to the program website and generate calls to the call center. Our efforts helped deliver record traffic to the housing authority’s program website that still averages 12,000 + monthly visitors. Vermont’s ERAP program has been recognized for its success and ongoing efficiency in delivering financial assistance to its residents.

What we did:
  • Website Development
  • Video
  • Print Collateral
  • Communications
  • Designed and maintained program website
  • Email Campaigns
  • Broadcast TV, OTT, Radio, and Social Media Ads