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Smash Avenue

The Challenge

To develop website, print collateral and Ads for a new category of in-person entertainment. Two of the challenges we faced during this project was education for the target audience of a new concept of entertainment. The second challenge was to develop a booking system for multiple variables when clients book a smash room. FourteenG was also tasked with developing strategy and material to promote Smash Avenue the brand as well as education on the concept of a Rage(Smash) Room.

The Solution

To start we developed an SEO friendly website with a robust Smash Room booking system. The main challenge of the booking system was developing a solution which accounted for multiple locations, multiple rooms, time slots, packages, add-ons and more. After successfully developing a booking system solution our focus quickly shifted to education and awareness. We would create marketing collateral and social media content which promoted the Smash Avenue Brand, as well as educate followers on what, why and how you would use a Rage (Smash) Room. What started as one location, due to the success and notoriety within months opened their flagship location in the Foxwoods Resort Casino! Smash Avenue remains a must visit place when seeking entertainment at Foxwoods Casino. 

To help with education of why visit a rage room we developed the #JustSmash campagin. This humorus campagin fsdf 

What we did:
  • Website Development
  • Print Collateral
  • Strategy
  • Ad Campaign
  • Social Media
  • Merchandising