Our skills complemented each other so well, we created our own agency.

What started as a Graphic Design college student, moonlighting as a freelance designer, quickly evolved into the family business. The dream would begin in a cramped two bedroom apartment. The address you ask? You guessed it Apartment number 14G!

With many of our friends & family becoming entrepreneurs, 14G became the hub for all things business related. Going as far as converting our living room wall into a giant whiteboard for ideas & brainstorming. Before we knew it, our business along with our #Friends became know as “FourteenG!” It was the perfect place for us to be able to support and inspire our #Friends all while doing what loved, Marketing. 

FourteenG originated with the goal to prove that business does not have to be survival of the fittest or cutthroat like the #Enemies (Business Experts) would have you believe. Where’s the fun in success if you can’t bring your #Friends along for the ride!

Like any startup we’ve encountered struggles, financially, mentally (fears/doubts) as well as a lack of motivation. But FourteenG has always found a way to persevere and become inspired all over again, often with the help of #Friends.

One friend in particular worked in Marketing for Access Health CT, and was on a team tasked with enrolling the STATE of Connecticut in health care coverage. She looked to FourteenG for help! Together we hit a home run and changed the way health care was being marketed on a national scale. We helped over 200,000 residents #GetCovered in the state of Connecticut all while being nationally recognized for our efforts.

Six years later FourteenG along with our “Access Health #Friend” (Now our Chief of Marketing) has helped rebuild, inspire, launch, and create over 50 brands globally. Our goal is to continually add to this list making some amazing #Friends along the way!

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