Youth’s Undeniable

Youth’s Undeniable Knowledge is a non-profit organization who advocate the ability to employ effective decision making strategies for the youth


Our Challenge

YUK contacted us to take a fresh approach to their online presence that would provide a better means to showcase the great work they were doing in the community.

With the website being the primary information channel to execute their message, we were tasked with formulating a strategy that would promote a highly engaging platform and bring awareness. All while maintaining a communication channel that would retain it’s credibility and reputation.

The Execution

We worked closely with YUK to identify an aesthetic that truly reflected the organization given the diversity of creative projects and the people they work with.

A user friendly navigation, in conjunction with a quicklinks panel, would make for an intuitive journey through a well structured content hierarchy to access sought after information. A responsive design was essential to fully capture a diverse target audience and the contemporary ways in which they access the web across all devices and screen sizes.

The Outcome

The new YUK website helps to enhance and define the program in a way that will allow them to continue to promote their complex message to the youth, while still maintaining a distinct identity.

The website achieves the perfect balance between promoting events in the community highlighting organizational goals, all while promoting fresh content throughout.


A Sample of Screenshots from this Project.