Capital Prep

The Capital Preparatory Magnet School is a year-round Pre- K through 12th grade school.


Our Challenge

We were approached to assist in establishing a rich educational & resourceful website to develop connections directly between Parents, Teachers, Staff and Students.

How can you shift a community away from spectatorship and introduce interaction and involvement?

The Execution

In close consultation with Capital Prep, we developed a plan to build the school’s website around rich content, engaging visuals, and information accessibility. We also focused on direct discussion and integration with existing Capital Prep services.

The website would be predominantly targeted at parents & students, backed by a responsive design that would provide the best user experience across all devices. Through a solid strategy, the website developed into an engaging platform to promote relevant information to students, parents & teachers on upcoming events and valuable insights into career development.

Given the depth of content and evolving nature of a school system, a content management system was required that would be flexible to grow and easy to use. WordPress proved to be a perfectly suited CMS for the project, providing efficient content management tools for numerous site editors and allowing the flexibility to grow with the school.

The Outcome

A flexible and rewarding platform for Capital Prep to build great relationships with both students and parents, promoting connections and developing a vast resource that will help students better prepare for their careers. Capital Prep is well prepared to continue to engage students and parents, encourage participation in events and continue to grow its community.


A Sample of Screenshots from this Project.